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Randall F. Tucker, Sr.



Randall F. Tucker, Sr. is the evangelist and minister of the South Union Church of Christ in Houston, Texas. Baptized at the early age of ten, he has been active in the Lord’s church since his childhood years.
Our minister is an alumnus of both Tennessee State University as well as the Nashville School of Preaching. This year marks his 21st year of public ministry.
The specifics of his academic and professional background include a concentration in Speech Communication and Theatre, Broadcasting and Journalism, as well as elementary and secondary education. He is a former science and history teacher, as well as a former Basketball and Volleyball coach.
Additionally, he has worked in the government sector, serving as a representative for the Division of Assessments for five years.
Having been exposed to public speaking at an early age, he has been recognized throughout the nation as a prolific and powerful seminar specialist and in 2017 was a recipient of the “Prolific Preachers Award", which highlights top-level preachers of Houston, Texas.
In twenty years of public ministry, God has blessed him to lead congregations in both Tennessee and Texas. Under his leadership churches have grown both spiritually and numerically. Through God’s grace, he has proclaimed the gospel on City, State, Regional, and National Lectureships. Minister Tucker, has also been a speaker on National Crusades for Christ and serves on several boards of leadership throughout the state of Texas.
In summation, minister Tucker has the gift of ministering to all types of people from diverse backgrounds, by illuminating God’s word so that it applies directly to today's world. Serving God is his greatest passion as he comes from a "pedigree of Preachers", becoming the 3rd generation in his family to preach the word of God. He credits his upbringing in a Christian home environment as being a key factor within his ministry. He and his wife have been married for 18 years and have three children.


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